All work completed by Steve Pell.
The following represents Steve Pell's visual design portfolio between 2009-2012 made possible with the help of many talented people. It is funny to look at it because of how fast web technologies and design techniques have evolved over such a short period of time. The designs look dated but were integral in Steve's learning process pushing design innovation as far as technology will allow. Many of these designs are now depricated or have evolved further.
What you will see is the visual design layer, asset creation, and some user-experience planning in the following image series.
Clients below are Vin Diesel, NBA Stats Cube, Fox Sports Game Connect, New York Rangers, Madison Square Gardens, Comedy Central, Clear, New York Jets, Playup, Radio City Rockettes, Sporting News, Omnigon (Agency), L1 Identity Solutions, Florida Gators, USTA, Radio City Rockettes, MLB, MSG Corporate, many other various professional and personal projects such as Steve's personal blogs, food blogs, Sandy's retired photography business etc. This gallery comes from Steve's antiquated portfolio website.

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