Hootsuite's customer support team was moving their growing team to a larger area of their headquarters when they contacted us to come up with a design for this new space. The design was to be typographic in nature of their customer support team's philosophy. They provided overall direction (the copy, and a moodboard of ideas they liked), we designed the experience of the piece. Large typographic letters, in gold vinyl would be installed on a matte black wall. Smaller hashtag designs would flank the main wall. The following represents the project results:
Concept Proposal
This image was the proposal we sent with the artwork photoshopped in the locations the client proposed. We wanted these to look hand painted so kept the imperfections in certain areas intact. These images were shot in the middle of their move (hence the mess) :) 
Final Vector Artwork
Vinyl Cut File (relative scale)
Final Installed Vinyl

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