Steve is an experienced visual designer and graphic artist who has a passion for creating functional, memorable and immersive experiences. Design grips and fuels nearly every decision he makes. His goal is to constantly surround himself with like-minded thinkers so that he can build the world’s most incredibly designed interactions.
Throughout his career, Steve has executed on major
illustration projects with Boeing Canada, City of Vancouver, Clearly, Royal Canadian Mint, Hootsuite and others, and has delivered on cutting-edge graphic design for Vin Diesel, Comedy Central, and Madison
Square Gardens.
Steve has conceptualized, designed, built and
delivered solutions for industries as diverse as technology, films, sports, entertainment, retail, media, and fashion. He is experienced in telling visual stories that span across any medium including web, mobile, print, photography, and illustration, and always delivers on budget and on time. In 2016, Steve was selected as one of Top 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2016/2017 by Lürzer’s Archive, the creative
resource for design professionals.